Prilenia is a clinical stage biotech company, founded and led by Michael Hayden, MBChB, PhD., together with a highly experienced team with a track record of success. Michael is a world-renowned scientist in Huntington Disease research. He is the former President of Global R&D and Chief Scientific Officer at Teva Pharmaceuticals, where he led the development of ~35 new products towards approval in several major markets, predominantly in CNS.


The company has raised $133.5M thus far and is backed by a group of well-respected investors: Forbion, Morningside Venture Investments, Sands Capital, Talisman Capital Partners, Sectoral Asset Management, Amplitude Ventures and ALS Investment Fund. Prilenia is a global company with offices in The Netherlands, Israel and The U.S.


Pridopidine, the company’s lead asset, is a highly selective and potent Sigma-1 Receptor (S1R) agonist with an established safety profile. Pridopidine is orally administered with therapeutic potential in HD, ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders such as Rett and Fragile-X.


Pridopidine has been shown to maintain functional capacity in early HD patients, as measured by Total Functional Capacity (TFC) in a prior clinical study. Furthermore, pridopidine was selected from an international competition of over 30 innovative new drugs for inclusion in the first ALS platform trial, led by the Healey Center for ALS at Massachusetts General Hospital. Pridopidine is currently in late-stage clinical development for HD and ALS. Both trials, the global phase 3 clinical trial in HD (PROOF-HD) and the platform phase 2/3 trial in ALS are currently active and have completed enrollment. In the face of compelling results these trials could potentially lead to the registration of pridopidine for these indications.

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