About Us

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Who We Are

Founded in 2018 by Michael Hayden, MBChB, PhD, a world-renowned scientist in Huntington’s disease (HD) research, Prilenia is a clinical-stage biotech company focused on the urgent mission of developing novel therapeutics to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders. The company is led by a highly experienced team of visionary scientists, drug developers, and business leaders with a proven track record of success. The team is deeply committed to scientific excellence and providing hope to patients, families, and caregivers around the globe.

The company’s most recent financing was a Series B in 2022 and is backed by a group of well-respected investors, including Forbion, Morningside Venture Investments, Sands Capital, Sectoral Asset Management, Talisman Capital Partners, SV Health Investors, Amplitude Ventures, and the ALS Investment Fund. Prilenia is a global company with offices in Naarden, the Netherlands, Yakum, Israel, and Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.

Pridopidine, an investigational product, is an oral, highly selective and potent sigma-1 receptor (S1R) agonist with an established safety profile.

Pridopidine is currently in late-stage clinical development for HD and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).